Bookkeeping Services

We put the "I" back into your "lIfe"


  • capturing sales invoices
  • applying payments to those invoices when received
  • providing you with customer statements
  • providing you with an age analysis and unpaid invoices report

  • Know how much money you have made, who still owes you money, and for how long.


  • capturing supplier bills
  • applying payments to bills once paid
  • providing you with an age analysis and unpaid bills report

  • Know how much money you owe, who you still owe money to, and for how long it's been outstanding.

    Reconciliation of Transactional Accounts

  • bank - capturing of debtor receipts, creditor payments and operating expenses
  • petty cash
  • credit card

  • Management Accounts

    Following the recording of the daily transactions within the normal course of business, these reports would indicate the monthly profit or loss of your business, to provide you with an accurate picture of your financial health to make better business decisions.

    Income Statement
    a dashboard of all income, cost of sales and operating expenses

    Balance Sheet
    a dashboard of all assets, liabilities and the net worth of your business